Healhty Tips For Getting The Right Nutrition

Does making healthy choices at the supermarket frustrate and confuse you? You’re not alone. Nutrition is a broad and confusing subject. The tips below will help you learn more about nutrition.

You need to get enough protein everyday. Protein supports the health and growth of almost every part of your body. Proteins also enable cellular processes and metabolic generation of energy. Proteins are important to your body’s immune system. Proteins can be found in a variety of foods, just a few being dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, tofu, and some grains.

Pregnant Woman

Proper nutrition is vital for nursing or pregnant women. One of the most important nutrients a pregnant woman needs is protein. Even if a pregnant woman doesn’t feel like eating meat, there are other alternatives to consume the proper amount of protein. Make your morning shake with some egg whites blended in! Not only are egg whites rich in protein, but they’re also low in fat. Make sure you are eating eggs that are safely pasteurized.

To keep protein intake at healthy levels, while reducing your red meat consumption, think about adding Quinoa in with your diet. It’s a rare non-meat that has many amino acids. In addition, it contains lots of vitamins needed for a healthy body, and it’s also free of gluten. Since its flavor is pleasantly nutty and mild, this is one health food that tastes good and is also good for you.

Organic Foods

Organic foods offer a perfect way to increase nutrition. A lot of evidence that scientists have come up with shows that foods that are organic have a lot of nutrients while having less in the way of nitrates. Eating organic foods, created by the Earth, is the way to go. Taste one today and see for yourself.

Maintaining a regular and properly functioning digestive tract can help boost weight loss and lower body weight overall. Good ideas to keep your digestive system working are staying hydrated, having enough fiber and even eating regular servings of yogurt with probiotics.

Students of nutrition have learned to minimize highly milled grains in their diet. Highly-milled grains are missing the hull and husk that contains most of the fiber and nutrients. How does it make any sense to do that and then replace those lost nutrients with wheat germ and fiber additives/ No, it doesn’t make sense.

When choosing nuts to for cooking, pick almonds. Of all nuts out there, these are the nutrition winners. You reduce your cholesterol and get protein, all while keeping up the health of your blood. They are also cheaper than other nut varieties.

700 Calories

It is important that you eat wholesome food throughout the day to meet your caloric requirements. Your health will benefit much more from 1,700 calories of quality protein and vitamin-packed veggies, rather than 1,700 calories from cake or cookies. The more nutritional diet you can manage, the better it is for you.

You can gain a lot of knowledge about nutrition from blogs, magazines and journals. Research is the way to start learning what you need to know. Every single person can improve his or her life by utilizing some sound nutritional tips the next time they consume a meal.

A Testosterone for Fat Loss

Although many people are familiar with the importance of testosterone for male sexual health and body building, few know that this hormone plays a role in the metabolism of fat too. There is a higher predisposition to overweight in men and women with a fluctuating or low testosterone level. Testosterone also acts against weight gain in support of the HGH action too, which is an extra role it plays at the cellular level.

The best way to use testosterone for fat loss is to first determine whether your overweight is in any way related to an imbalance of hormones. And only a specialist can pass a diagnosis on the basis of the tests. The right course of action can only be decided afterwards. You should either follow treatment or trigger the stimulation of the natural body secretion through diet and natural supplements.

Both men and women should keep an eye on testosterone for fat loss, particularly since lifestyle often triggers imbalances in the hormones. Did you know, for example, that improper night rest impairs the secretion of testosterone? Make sure to sleep well if you want your adrenal glands, testes or ovaries to secret enough hormone to help you with fat loss. A zinc deficiency could also be a problem since it lowers the testosterone level too; yet, this issue gets easily solved with some zinc supplementation.

The body shape bears the actual impact of testosterone for fat loss. The face features are better defined, the waist narrows and the shoulders broaden. Keep in mind that the testosterone imbalance does not explain all cases of overweight. There are other hormones in the body and their fluctuations could also lead to weight gain. Take things seriously and do not treat symptoms by the ear.

One further issue that you need to be aware of here is that testosterone for fat loss could determine a muscle increase too. More testosterone is usually secreted with intense gym training, and lean muscle mass comes to replace fat in the tissues. The more you train, the more testosterone is secreted and the fat deposits are replaced with pure muscle mass. When the approach to weight loss is balanced, there should be no side effects for the over-secretion of testosterone. If you avoid weight gain naturally as part of your daily routine, the impact on health and the personal physical condition will be all the more significant.

Testosterone Pills – Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is the principle male hormone and it helps control a lot of vital body functions and features in men. Aggressive behavior is one of such features that is controlled by testosterone in men. Not just this, this hormone is also the hormone that controls libido, erectile and reproductive function in men. Apart from this, it is also the main force behind a muscular physique in men.

Though there are many products that can help boost testosterone, natural testosterone pills happen to be the best option. This is because such pills do not contain any kind of artificial hormone in them. Instead, they are made of natural ingredients that stimulate the production of testosterone in your body so that your body is able to produce more testosterone in the most natural way possible.

Such pills are a perfect mix of natural ingredients that primarily consist of amino acids and herbal extracts that not only increase the production of testosterone in your body but also help increase HGH secretion. This helps your body fight and combat age effects. HGH also helps reverse age effects to a large extent so that you can have a younger looking and a younger functioning body.

Some of the common herbs found in such supplements include the likes of tribulus terrestris, ginkgo biloba, muira pauma, chaste berry etc., In addition to this, scuh supplements also contain amino acids such as l-arginine, l-glutamine etc.,

Such herbs are excellent testosterone enhancers. Another benefit of such herbs is that they can help boost blood flow throughout the body and to the genitals as well. This helps increase libido and sexual function in men.

Such testosterone pills not only help boost libido or sex drive in men but can also ensure long lasting and harder erections that you might have been missing for some time. In addition to this, they can also help boost your energy levels and stamina. They can ensure better results with exercise and can make you gain lean muscle too. Testosterone is the hormone with an amazing fat burning potential and such pills can help boost your metabolism so that you can get rid of excess body fat too. Yet another benefit is that such pills can also help improve mood and sleep quality.

One of such pills is Provacyl that is absolutely safe and free of side effects too. It is absolutely safe and is one of the best ways of taking testosterone.

Herbal Testosterone – Increase Testosterone Production Naturally

It is almost impossible to imagine men without testosterone. It is the hormone that gives men their male features and behavioral traits. Herbal Testosterone can help boost the production of testosterone in your body so that you can overcome testosterone deficiency without any side effects at all.

Though there are a couple of herbs that can help boost testosterone levels in your body, some of the best ones include tribulus terrestris and tongat ali. One of the most important advantages of such herbs is that they can help increase testosterone levels in your body without the negative side effects of replacement therapy.

A lot of men use them either to overcome age related problems or to build stamina and increase muscle growth.

Tribulus is a herb that is known by various names across the world. In India it is called Gokshura. Some of its other names include Yellow Vine, Puncture Vine etc., It not only helps boost libido in men but also helps boost stamina and muscle growth. No wonder, most body builders and athletes use it to improve their performance.

How it works in your body is that it makes your pituitary gland produce more Lutenizing hormone which in turn makes testes produce more testosterone.

Another great herb that can help boost the production of this male hormone in your body is tongat ali. It is a powerful sexual stimulant but more importantly, it also helps boost testosterone production in your body. It is used extensively in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia to help men overcome erectile problems.

Such herbs work slowly to boost testosterone levels in your body but they are safe and do not cause any kind of internal damage. This is why they seem to be a better alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

L-arginine is another natural testosterone enhancer besides the above mentioned herbs. It also helps boost the production of HGH in your body. This can help your body beat age effects too. Green leafy vegetables, lean meat, oats and nuts are some of the great sources of l-arginine that you must include in your diet.

Provacyl is a 100% natural testosterone supplement that is a mix of potent ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, tongat ali and l-arginine. It is unique and distinct from other testosterone supplements since it not only boosts testosterone production in your body but also helps stimulate HGH and DHEA production in your body so that you can beat age effects and ensure a younger looking and a stronger body.

Low Testosterone in Men and How to Enhance Testosterone Production

Low Testosterone in Men is a result of lot of issues and factors and one of the major factors that can lower testosterone production in men is age. Testosterone production in men begins declining once they hit 30 and this brings about many changes in the body as well as behavior.

Listed below are some of the most common effects and symptoms of low testosterone in men:

  • low libido
  • lack of energy and stamina
  • low mental concentration
  • reduced lean muscle mass
  • reduce bone density
  • excessive sweating
  • mood swings, depression and irritable behavior
  • sleep problems etc.,

However, it is possible to give a boost to your testosterone production naturally. One of the most simplest ways to do so is with the help of natural means that include changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Here are some of the changes in your diet that can be a big help:

1. Increase Protein Intake

2. Reduce Carb and Sugar Intake

3. Include Essential Fats in Your Diet

This is because proteins are proven to increase testosterone production. Carbohydrates and simple sugars result in a spike in Insulin levels that tend to lower the production of testosterone. At the same time, it is important to include essential fats like Omega 3 in your diet since such all anabolic steroid hormones are produced with cholesterol and lack of such fats in your diet can lead to reduced testosterone production in your body.

Weight training is one of the most simple methods to boost the production of testosterone in your body. Moreover, it is also important to reduce stress and it is possible to do so through enough rest and sleep. Try to hit the sack early so that you get at least 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep each night.

Natural Supplements

One of the best ways to boost your testosterone levels is with the help of natural supplements that are made with all natural ingredients including herbs, amino acids and various other natural ingredients. Such supplement contain ingredients such as l-arginine, l-glutamine, l-tyrosine, gaba, DHEA, muira pauma, tribulus terrestris, tongat ali.Such supplement not only make your body produce more testosterone but also help increase the production of other youth hormones such as HGH and DHEA. They can help boost your libido, increase energy, improve stamina, increase muscle mass, improve bone density etc., In fact, they can ensure a complete body makeover and that too without any side effects at all. Check out one of the best Natural Testosterone Supplement that can give your body a much needed testosterone boost. Iron Brothers Supplements Testosterone Booster is one such supplement that is made with all natural ingredients and can help you increase your testosterone levels naturally.



2 Quick Recipe Tips

[ Note: This article was written by my friend Jon Benson, fitness and nutrition expert. I have his permission to share it with you. ]

One of the most surprising benefits I’ve discovered for being engaged to a gal from the Middle East, other than the vast cultural exchange, is the cooking.

Oh, yes ladies… my gal COOKS!

Which is good since I am a lousy cook. : )

Hanna enjoys it… and she brings a Middle Eastern flair to some really boring fitness/bodybuilding foods that I want to share with you today.

Here’s just two quick tips from Hanna on making the ultimate in “boring” foods — egg whites and tuna (yuck) — taste incredible.

TIP 1:
Lively Egg White Omelette

Let’s face facts: Egg whites suck. At least that’s what I USED to think until Hanna decided to experiment with my morning omelette.

Now I eat this stuff like it was candy.

Here’s what she does:

1. She cooks the veggies separate from the egg whites. You’d think this would be common sense, but I never did it and I’ve seen a lot of people just toss it all in together.

2. Add 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil with 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil to the veggies. This alone improved the taste tremendously.

3. Add 1/2 egg yolk to the veggies after cooking for 1 minute. This, again, is primarily for taste.

4. Garlic! If you love garlic, here’s your chance. Garlic ROCKS in egg white omelets.

5. Use Pam or another non-stick spray for the egg whites and cook them like you would a normal omelette. Then pour the almost-cooked veggies in the middle. Do the omelette dance.

6. Here’s the SECRET SAUCE… literally. This will sound nuts until you try it:

Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

Okay… Hanna’s bright, but this was an accident. She thought it was salsa. But I’ve NEVER gone back to salsa after stumbling on this incredible treat! I have no idea why it tastes so good, but it makes the omelette.

Try these tips and see if your egg white omelette doesn’t become your favorite meal of the day.

TIP 2:
Canned Tuna Extraordinaire

Again, I have the lovely Hanna to thank for this.

Like egg whites, I used to HATE canned tuna. Now, again, I can eat this every night without complaint.

Here’s what she does:

She cooks the veggies the same way as in the omelette above and then pours the tuna from the can into a skillet. That’s IT.

I’ve never had “tuna ala skillet” before… and I have no clue why this tastes so smooth and delicious, but it does.

If you hate canned tuna for being dry or tasteless, try this. You’ll never go back.

If you want 40 pages of recipes like this… very yummy and VERY healthy… then be sure to pick up my EODD “Favorite Foods” Dieplan.

Here’s more about it:

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Don’t Quit. Get Fit!

P.S. Most of the recipes that come with my EODD book can be prepared in 15 minutes or less… so do not let the clock become your enemy when it comes to getting lean!

And remember: You can eat your favorite foods several days per week on my plan and still get rid of excess bodyweight.

Why give up living when you don’t have to, right? : )

Favorite Foods Diet + Recipes <-- click.here.for.more

[audio] Insane amount of free diet information!

[ Note: This article was written by my friend Jon Benson, fitness and nutrition expert. I have his permission to share it with you. ]

Scott Colby, CPT just interviewed me recently for “Fit Pros Against Cancer.” My job: Help give away a TON of free fitness information to his listeners as they called into the show.

And I think I did a pretty good job.

You tell me… ; )

Here’s what we cover in just about 30 minutes…

  1. How much fat can you burn (and inches can you lose) in just 6 days?…
  2. How to make fatloss “easier” (not ‘easy’… but easier!)…
  3. What to do about perimenopause and menopause stress and the fat-gain that comes with it… AND…
  4. The “Stress-Free” dietplan for women who fight the “pooch” or who are going through perimenopause or menopause!
  5. Is exercise worthless if you sit down while you work?…
  6. What about fitness for “seniors”?… Can you gain muscle and shed fat past the age of 60?
  7. An inhome exercise that lasts 7 minutes but that can increase the lifespan of women by up to 60%! …
  8. The shocking truth about whole grains and disease…
  9. The “myth” of shaping/building muscle AND dropping bodyfat at the same time… hear the TRUTH about this once and for all! …
  10. How you can have your cake (literally!) and eat it too (i.e. get all the fatburning benefits while still enjoying desserts)…
  11. How to “reboot” your key fatburning hormone using nothing more than the food in your refrigerator!…
  12. This freee substance uses 90% or more of your calories… and you need more of it… find out what it is!…
  13. The “Food Purist” versus the “Food Rebel”… which one are you?…
  14. The one thing you can to TODAY without hardly any effort to improve your appearance and your health!…
  15. 2 simple exercises you can do at work to remove back strain and improve your abs (yes… ABS!)…
  16. Why the “baby boomer” generation is literally being left out of most fitness plans… and a plan that’s perfectly suited for all boomers!…
  17. The 1 trick I use to workout without nagging injuries! …
  18. Why exrercise decreases 1 critical sex-hormone… and what you can do to prevent it (even increase it!) …
  19. The importance of strength over the age of 30 (it’s not what you think… and it’s VITAL!) …
  20. And more!

Listen By Clicking The Play Button Below!

Products + Free Video Mentioned In Audio Include…

“Micro-Session” Cardio Works Best

[ Note: This article was written by my friend Jon Benson, fitness and nutrition expert. I have his permission to share it with you. ]

Several recent studies have pointed to the validity of doing very short cardio sessions (10 minutes) several times a day as being as beneficial… or even better… than one longer session. I agree, assuming you do some form of interval work in your cardio sessions. In fact, unless you want to drop a lot of bodyfat, you can get by with one 9-minute session a day if you do it right.

Quick Start: Try three super-short sessions with at least a 2-3 minute higher-intensity ‘burst’ in the middle. You do not have to go to the gym to do this. You can do this by walking stairs, stepping up and down on a low platform, or even walking outside. Let’s face it: 10 minutes is a lot easier on the brain than 30 minutes… and just as good.

For More Information: When you pick up my book The Every Other Day Diet you’ll have a chance to get my book 7 Minute Body for 1/3 the retail price for a limited time only.

In 7 Minute Body, I cover my personal 9 and 15-minute cardio sessions, my 3-minute abs workout (no kidding… I do not train my abs for more than 3 minutes!) and more.

Watch the presentation on my Every Other Day Diet homepage or just click here now to just pick up 7 Minute Body now.

The “Cost” of Eating Healthy

[ Note: This article was written by my friend Jon Benson, fitness and nutrition expert. I have his permission to share it with you. ]

One of the biggest myths out there is the myth that eating healthy costs too much.

Just the opposite… and I’ll prove it to you in three ways.

#1: Cash

Here’s some sample figures courtesy of my friend Scott Tousignant’s fitness blog…

2 medium size sweet potatoes $1 or… small fries from a fast food joint

2 red peppers $1 or… a can of pop

Bowl of oatmeal with fruit & protein powder $2 or… large bag of chips

6 Chicken Breasts $10 or… a sub combo from a fast food joint

18 eggs $3.50 or… a burger from a fast food joint

2 salmon fillets $15 or… large pizza

Loaded chicken salad (homemade) $3 or… bag of cookies

Large bag of oatmeal $3.50 or… 4 chocolate bars

Not much of a comparison, it is?

Yet the foods on the left would feed a family of two or more for 4-7 days… the foods on the right? 2-3 days if you live through it.

Tips to make the most expensive part of eating healthy — the cost of quality meats — go further include…

1. Use tofu fillers in chicken and beef recipes. Even if you hate tofu, you can barely taste the difference when combined properly.

2. Buy your meats in bulk online. You can find less expensive grass-fed beef and naturally-raised chicken and have it delivered to you if you live near a large city. If not, check the local farmers.

3. Eat meat only 3-4 times per week and use black beans with rice or inexpensive tuna for your other days. I eat tuna cooked in a skillet with lots of veggies and some olive oil almost every night and I LOVE the taste!

My book The Every Other Day Diet has over 40 pages of recipes in it to help you eat healthy and cheap… and you can still eat out and consume your favorite foods several times per week.

#2: Your Health

Do we ‘really’ need to talk about buy new (usually larger) clothes every year or two? Or about the health care costs associated with being even 20 pounds over your ideal weight, let alone more? How about the time you miss from work with excessive colds?

Eating healthy and taking care of your body adds years to your life… and for the record, the years eating poorly takes away from your life, on average, costs each American over 80,000 in medical expenses.

Want to add that to your food budget?

#3: The Big Picture

Anyone who has been fit knows the joy it brings… the freedom you feel from wearing whatever you want… the productivity you see from increased energy… the pace at which you move during the day.

Not only are these gifts priceless, but they are also massive cash-savers. Your productivity alone can add thousands to your bottom line each year, well off-setting any costs associated with eating quality food.

The Bottom Line…

Like any good accountant would suggest, you need to look at your ROI (return on investment) if nothing else.

What does investing in a better body, greater health, and vibrant energy do for your life? How can that actually translate into more income AND less expense?

You will be surprised.

Don’t Quit. Get Fit!

P.S. If you want some tips on getting started with shedding that excess weight… go here for a short video… and prepare to take some notes! …

it’s freee….

Weight Loss Tips <--- click.here

THIS Makes You Gain Weight

[ Note: This article was written by my friend Jon Benson, fitness and nutrition expert. I have his permission to share it with you. ]


This sounds like a silly question, but it’s really the most important question you can ask:

“What REALLY makes me increase my bodyfat?”

Is it too many calories? Sure. That’s one part. But I know people who can eat 4-5K calories a day and not add an ounce.

Is it dietary fat? Rarely if ever.

Fat is necessary to melt bodyfat. It is true that fat has more calories per gram than protein or carbs, but let’s look at this logically:

40% protein; 40% carbs; 20% fat = 40% fat; 40% protein; 20% carbs

So… no. Increasing your dietary fat does not mean you’ll get fatter…

UNLESS… ready?

Your insulin levels are too high.

Elevated insulin is not only the prime cause of diabetes and a sign of being hypoglycemic, but it’s also the prime numero uno reason people get fat.

And insulin is stimulated most by too many carbohydrates… even the so-called “healthy carbs!”

HOWEVER… ready again?

You can still eat carbs… you do not need a “low-carb” dietplan every day in order to keep your insulin and bodyfat low.

You just have to know what TIME to eat the carbs.

There’s a time and place for everything and carbs are no exception.

I have a presentation here that tells you more about how important timing is and how you can eat your carbs (even sweets) and shed bodyfat…

… here:

The EODD System <--carb-friendly dietplan

That being said:

If I had to cut one thing out of my diet for 1-4 days it would definitely be carbs.

I need fat… fat helps melt bodyfat… and I have trained my body to use its own fat-stores for fuel.

( See how on the linked-page above )

I DEFINITELY need protein… and so do you.

Protein speeds up thermogenesis, or your body’s own fat-burning heat factory.

Protein also blunts your appetite so you naturally eat less.

Some carbs are healthy… and I do not recommend you cut out low-sugar fruits and green veggies… you need that stuff.

But you don’t need grains, breads, etc.

At least for a few days.

THEN… you need them… but only after you do two things.

Find out more here:

The EODD System <--carb-friendly dietplan

Remember: Don’t Quit. Get Fit!

P.S. My favorite “Feed Meal” (that’s what I call meals where I eat a lot of calories and carbs) is this:

Small serving of protein (1/2 my normal serving size) like chicken, tuna, etc.

Brown rice or baked potato

Slice of pecan pie (or Key Lime pie… yum.)

Then later that day I’ll have a few slices of New York-style pizza.

The next day I’m LEANER. It never fails.

The only time this can fail is if you do not set your body UP to receive these carbs and some junk food.

I call this my “Real World Favorite Foods Dietplan.” That’s not the name of my System but it could be! That’s exactly what it is.

I love it… so will you…

The EODD System <--carb-friendly dietplan