How to Get Big Biceps – 2 Powerful Exercises

A couple of years ago, I was a really skinny guy and wanted to get buff, the first muscles that I thought of growing were my arms. Every time I walked around the street and saw big guys, those were the muscles that took my whole attention. I wanted them big.

In my case this happened because since I was little, me and my school mates compared the thickness of our arms, and the one that had them thicker was the most powerful.

Something I didn’t know was that arms are divided into two muscle groups: The biceps and the triceps.

For now let’s just focus on the biceps and let me give you a couple of tips on how to get them big.

How to train your biceps the right way:

1- Dumbbell curls: Place 2 dumbbells to your sides, grab the dumbbells with your hands with palms looking in and with your arms completely straight.

Execution: Make sure your elbows are on your body sides, raise up one dumbbell and while raising it you must rotate your arm until it is vertical to your body and your hand grip is facing your shoulder. Then slowly lower your arm to the starting position. Make this same movement with your other arm. Repeat this movements alternating left and right arms. 8 to 12 times each arm.

2- EZ bar curls: First pick up the EZ bar with desired weight from the floor, your hand must be facing forward to the front of you. Your arms must be separated from each other about the same width of your shoulder. You must stand with your body straight and make sure your back is straight too. To avoid injury, never bend your back backwards while doing this exercise.

Execution: While grabbing the bar with both hands, slowly and in a controlled manner raise up the EZ bar towards your chest. Wile doing this movement, try to keep your elbows touching your body sides. When the bar reaches your upper chest, slowly bring the bar downs to the starting position. To avoid injury and for maximum results, try to keep your back straight at all moments and also avoid swinging the EZ bar up.

These are two exercises that helped me a lot to thicken my arms and get those big guns that I always wanted.

About the author: Nicolas Cobos is a former skinny guy that achieved impressive muscle growth by following an integral muscle building program and nutrition plan, for more information on how he achieved this muscle growth:  Click here and start building some muscle… the right way!