How to Get Big Biceps? – Follow This Exercise

In this article I will explain to you an exercise that has given my biceps good size and shape.

The exercise I’m going to show you is called the dumbbell curl. When doing this exercise, the correct movement stretches and contracts the bicep, causing it to pump and brake the muscle fibers. Later on, the muscle fibers regenerate and grow with the condition of proper nutrition and rest.

Position for doing this exercise:

Lean your back against a solid surface (like a wall) in an athletic position with your knees bent a bit, then hold a dumbbell in each hand and set your elbows against the solid surface (wall).

Form of the exercise:

Lift the dumbbells without arching your back and without moving your elbows from the wall (keep your elbows against the wall at all times). Once the bicep is totally contracted bring your arms back down and repeat.

You may do 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions each.

The reason why you should do this exercise against a solid surface is because it doesn’t allow you to cheat. By cheating I mean that you won’t use any muscle except the bicep to perform the exercise. You may do the exercise without the solid surface but your technique has to be perfect to get results and avoid injuries.

As I told you before, this exercise has to go hand to hand with proper nutrition and rest.

This bicep exercise is just one of many bicep exercises, but there’s more than that if you really want to get muscular. You need the guidance of a professional to do things the right way and obtain the desired results, which in this case are big muscles. For that I recommend you to follow an integral bodybuilding program and nutritional plan.

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